Offline biometric verification that

generates one time passwords

Use your fingerprint as your password

A simple touch is all you need to generate a one time password 'offline' to log in to any account 'online'. Keeping your personal authentication out of reach from hackers.

Biometric authentication

Offline storage of keys and biometric data.

One time passwords

Fast & secure access

Biometric verification with a one time password (OTP) that will revolutionise security of all online access and financial transactions. Quardlock is a non-transferable product that will greatly reduce, if not eliminate fraudulent activity completely.

Enter the most secure access control.

We fit the most into it, 

getting even more out of it.

Why Offline?

Does it sound like a digital step back to you?

One truth remains, any personal identity data or secret key stored or exposed online is at great risk of being hacked. If your mobile phone provides one-time-passwords, you cannot feel safe since those codes are interceptable by hackers. Even biometric authentication can be insecure if done directly on a device that is online, like a mobile phone or a device that is publicly accessible eg: a physical door lock that has a built-in biometric scanner. Only encrypted 'offline' storage of secret keys and biometric data can offer “state of the art” security needed to protect your personal identity and the systems you are accessing.

With Quardlock you are safe & secure.

Quardlock is a true frontier and game changer in secure access to any digital system. It is the safest solution for any consumer or enterprise who knows that no security is stronger than the weakest password. 

Full integrations with backend systems.

Quardlocks authentication server can be integrated with any company's active directory with API enabling automatic login with a biometric generated OTP from the card.


The user doesn't have to remember passwords anymore.

State of the art security

OTP and biometrics offers the highest possible security solution.

Standard compliant

ISO 7810/7816. Full interoperability with current payment infrastructure.


The card only works with the rightful owner.

Cost effective

Due to less password administration and fraud decrease.

GDPR Compliant

Quardlock complies 100% with all GDPR requirements.





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