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Quardlock was founded in 2013 and is as such a newcomer in the business for high-tech security, but we have the first mover advantage with our technical solution that combines biometrics and OTP on a smartcard/credit card. Quardlock is a global front runner in trusted security solutions with three-factor authentication, something you know, something you have, something you are.



Quardlocks vision for the future is a world where the overwhelming and increasing problems with online access, credit card fraud and identity theft are gone once and for all. Imagine no fear of being hacked, having your digital identity stolen or credit card abused anymore. Imagine eliminating all the troubles and sleepless nights these fraudulent incidents leads to. On top of that there are billions of dollars to save every year when these things cease to exist, savings that at the end of the day will benefit everybody. We have the technology available that can make it happen and Quardlocks vision for the future is to offer hands-on offline security solutions that are extremely secure, simple to implement and easy to use. We want to give you peace of mind with the highest possible protection of your credit card and digital identity.


Our mission is to find the fastest and most efficient way of integrating the security benefits of Quardcard into the existing online platforms and financial ecosystem while changing as little as possible in the infrastructure for a successful market entry. It is not only to solve all issues with the demand for strong authentication as required by ECB for e-commerce (Card-not-present), but also secure the same strong authentication for physical transactions (Card-present) and e-banking, all within the same back-end integration and card solution.


Quardlock exists to help the financial, public and commercial ecosystem to fight and get rid of problems with hacking, credit card fraud, identity theft, spoofing and other criminal attempts to destroy our world. We do this by creating highly efficient, high quality and extremely secure authentication and verification services that deliver optimal value to all actors in our ecosystems.




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