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Q Smartcard

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Eliminate online fraud

This smartcard contains an operating system that can host many security applications like e-National-ID (PKI), e-Health, EMV, e-Passport, e-Wallet, e-Driving-License, e-Student-ID,

e- Employee-ID and more. The new card support both contact and contactless (NFC) communication.

For any enterprises interested in QSmartcard please contact us.


Physical Payments

(card present)

  • The 4-digit PIN code is replaced with on-card biometric authentication, which is more secure, faster and easier for the user

  • Prevents skimming of PIN codes in the public room

  • Prevents abuse of stolen credit cards due to the built-in biometric protection

Security is particularly important when it comes to making cash withdrawals and purchases. QuardLocks biometric payment card allow customers to authorize payments via the fingerprint sensor embedded into the fully EMV compliant card. Identity is verified when the algorithm matches the owner’s fingerprint with the template stored in the card – rendering your 4-digit PIN a thing of the past.

Online Payments

(card - not - present)

  • Improved security in e-commerce as the CVV changes to a new one-time value created by the cardholder's fingerprint with every use

  • Prevents abuse of stolen credit card numbers

EMV chip technology adoption has enabled issuers to efficiently fight "card present" (card payments in physical stores) fraud. However, consequently, fraud is increasingly shifting to "card-not-present" (CNP) transactions carried out mainly online. To address this growing concern for issuers, e-merchants and cardholders, we are launching the world’s first biometric payment card integrating a dynamic CVV code displayed on a mini-screen on the payment card. The key benefit is the code's dynamic creation done by the cardholder’s fingerprint. As a result, if stolen, the credit card will not show any dynamic CVV code on the display since it requires activation by the owner’s fingerprint.

Online Banking

  • Biometric authentication directly on the card generates a one-time-password

  • Prevents abuse of stolen static passwords

  • Prevents abuse of stolen cards due to fingerprint protection

​Online banking is traditionally vulnerable to hacker attacks when using only static passwords. Our new biometric payment card provides 2-factor authentication in a single step (something you have and something you are) and with the biometric generated one-time-password being displayed on the front of the card it can either replace or complement the use of static passwords.




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